Exciting holiday time in the middle of nature

Vacation at the adventure farm
in Radstadt

What to do when the day has only 24 hours and there is still so much to discover? Dear kids, there are no limits to your imagination and your love of adventure here at the Schobergut. On the contrary: curiosity is welcome, touching is allowed and participation is encouraged. Set out on exciting adventures, make friends, share secrets, learn new things, laugh, be exuberant and just be yourself. There is plenty of room to romp around here. No wonder the parents hardly get to see you soon after you arrive. Because you'll be bouncing on the trampoline, in the small animal pen or mudding in the sandpit - just about anywhere that's fun. To your heart's content, freely and without fear of contact.

Bauernhofurlaub in Radstadt
Spielplatz Urlaub Bauernhof 1
Bauernhofurlaub in Radstadt
Spielplatz Schobergut 4

The children's offer at a glance

Rise and shine, into the adventure!
  • Huge playground with trampoline, slide, swings, sandpit, table tennis table, football goals, bicycles (also for hire), pedal tractors, go-karts, scooters, skateboards,...
  • Plenty of space on the large sunbathing & play area
  • Playroom with table football table, highway, shop, dolls, cuddly animals, games, books,...
  • Children's equipment: cot & high chair, baby bath, children's crockery & cutlery, pram & back carrier (on request), fall-out protection for bed (on request), nappy pail, potty & toilet seat (on request)

Animal friendships

"Hi kids, we're introducing ourselves!"

The animals on the farm greet the children warmly from afar, are happy about juicy grass and other delicacies. In thanks, there's fresh milk, the perfect breakfast egg, and loving, animal expressions of friendship.

Ziegen - Bauernhofurlaub in Radstadt
Ziegen Bauernhofurlaub Radstadt 2
Hühner - Bauernhofurlaub in Radstadt
Huehner Bauernhofurlaub Radstadt 1

We are a dairy farm with about 47 cows. Our cows are kept in the free stall and can move freely there. They are milked with an automatic milking system - the Lely Astronaut A4. The cows are milked throughout the day. Each cow gives an annual average of about 7,500 kg of milk. Each cow has a calf every year from October to the end of February. From the end of May to mid-September, our 23 cows spend their summer holidays on the "Gnadenalm". The mountain pasture is located between Untertauern and Obertauern, where the cows are looked after and milked by the dairyman or dairywoman. As our guests, why not take a trip to the Schoberhütte.

The remaining cows will stay at the farm until the end of June. From the end of June the cows go into "maternity leave" and are brought to the "Hundsfeldalpe". Fully recovered, they return in mid-September to give birth to their calves.

Kühe - Bauernhofurlaub in Radstadt
Kuehe Bauernhofurlaub Radstadt 2

Our pig loves to eat from the heart and is not too picky about it. On his menu are salads, vegetables, fruits, pumpkins and even leftovers. With its long trunk, it digs most gladly in the feed-trough.

Schwein - Bauernhofurlaub in Radstadt
Schwein Bauernhofurlaub Radstadt 1

The goats "Schwänli" and "Bärli" share an enclosure with the rabbits, so they are very familiar with each other. Goats are herbivores and enjoy eating fresh grass, herbs and leaves from bushes and trees. We also spoil them with hay, lettuce, hard bread and carrots.

ZIegen - Bauernhofurlaub in Radstadt
Ziegen Bauernhofurlaub Radstadt 1

Our rabbits live together with the goats. They like to eat hay, fresh dandelion leaves, yarrow, nettle, lettuce, pears, apples and carrots. In between, they nibble at branches or on wood, so that its constantly regrowing teeth wear off. In order for their digestion to work, the rabbits must always be able to eat hay.

Hasen - Bauernhofurlaub in Radstadt
Hasen Bauernhofurlaub Radstadt 1

Our 25 hard-working hens ensure that there are fresh eggs every day. In the summer, the chickens are allowed out in the fresh air every day to enjoy the sun or to bathe. The chickens are very happy when you put fresh grass through the fence for them. Watch your fingers!

Hühner - Bauernhofurlaub in Radstadt
Huehner Bauernhofurlaub Radstadt 2

Turkeys love green feed of all kinds, they like to eat corn, sunflowers, peas, oats, barley and fruit. They are also not averse to animal food, such as insects, worms and snails. Turkeys pick up grains of sand, which are very important for breaking down food in the stomach.

Puten - Bauernhofurlaub in Radstadt
Puten Bauernhofurlaub Radstadt 1

The running ducks are our hard-working helpers on the farm. They keep the garden and lawn free of slugs. Since the ducks are very shy, they must not be hunted.

Laufenten - Bauernhofurlaub in Radstadt
Laufenten Bauernhofurlaub Radstadt 1

Our cats love to be petted. Especially the young kittens are particularly cute.

Katzen - Bauernhofurlaub in Radstadt
Katzen Bauernhofurlaub Radstadt 1

Our bees ensure a good fruit yield on the trees and are of course responsible for the delicious honey.

Bienen - Bauernhofurlaub in Radstadt
Bienen Bauernhofurlaub Radstadt 1

So that mom & dad also get their money's worth

The "adult" program

Our small but nice wellness area is exactly the right place to switch off and relax. Here, a Finnish sauna, a bio-steam sauna and a cosy relaxation room with floating loungers and recliners await the adults. When the sun is shining outside, it is especially cosy on our terrace or on the lawn with deckchairs. And the children can be easily kept an eye on from there. For refreshment in between there is a coffee machine in our lounge.

Bauernhofurlaub mit Wellness - Schobergut
Wellness Schobergut 1
Hofeigene Produkte - Bauernhofurlaub in Radstadt
Hofeigene Produkte Bauernhofurlaub Radstadt 1

Schobergut in Radstadt

Agriculture at a glance

  • Total 79 ha of land: 18 ha meadows, 6 ha pasture, 55 ha forest
  • Dairy farm with approx. 47 cows
  • Pigs, goats, turkeys, chickens, running ducks, rabbits, cats, bees
  • Herb & Vegetable Garden
  • Farm owned alpine hut on the Gnadenalm
  • Home-made products: Milk, eggs, apple juice, fruit jams (sour cherry, plum, apricot,...), honey & schnapps