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Court chronicle of the
Schoberguts in Radstadt

From generation to generation: this also applies to the Mayrhöfe, which lie half an hour from Radstadt in the valley on the right bank of the Taurach and which the local people refer to as "Kaspardörfl". Originally the whole estate was owned by one owner, later it was split into four farms. The Kaspar farmer on the Obermayrhof also led the clever and prudent regiment over the Mittermayrhof, the Hödhof, the Niedermayrhof, the Schobergut and the Diktenanwesen. The family name Mayrhofer refers to the many hundred years of history of his family. Our home farm, today's Schobergut, has a very eventful history.

How the farm got its name

Anno 1604

The name "Schoberlehen" probably goes back to an Ulrich Schober, the progenitor of several generations that died out on the estate in the early 1800s. He was followed by:

  • 1689 - Peter Schober
  • 1714 - Thomas Schober
  • 1746 - Paul Schober
  • 1785 - Paul Schober

In 1804 the widow of Paul Schober married a Simon Scharfetter.

Hofchronik - Schobergut
Uebergabe Hof 1

Sale to the Mooslechner family & then to the Puell family

Anno 1805

This year the farm was sold to Tobias Mooslechner. Only a few years later, in 1811, the entire farm was sold to Thomas Puell.

Renewed sale of the farm

Anno 1851

Sale to Rupert Mayrhofer and his wife Katharina (née Steger) of the Kasparbauerngut. Subsequent handover to the brother Matthias, married to Veronika (née Stiglitz) from the Zillertal. Veronika could not get used to farm life, so the Schobergut was sold to Josef and Maria Passrucker.

Association with the Kasparbauerngut

Anno 1868

In this year Matthias Mayrhofer and his wife Elise (née Kirchgasser) bought back the Schobergut. It was reunited with the entire Kasparbauerngut. The Schoberhaus was partly used as a discharge house and the Tenne was mostly used for the storage of fresh grain.

Hofchronik - Schobergut
Kaspardoerfl Anno Ca 1940

Caspian village 1940

Hofchronik - Schobergut
Chronik Familie

ca. 1943: Matthias & Barbara with children Lisi, Greti, Barbara & Hias

Hofchronik - Schobergut
Chronik Schoberhuette

Schoberhütte 1968

Handover to Johann Mayrhofer and wife Rosina

Anno 1894

Johann Mayrhofer and his wife Rosina (née Lackner) took over the farm. The children are descended from this marriage
Maria, Johann, Rosina and Josef. From his second marriage with Anna (née Huber) he had twelve more children:

  • Simon
  • Matthias
  • Anna
  • Alois
  • Michael
  • Franz
  • Kaspar
  • George
  • Elizabeth
  • Sebastian
  • Josefa
  • Josef
Hofchronik - Schobergut
Uebergabe Hof 2

Handover to the son Matthias Mayrhofer

Anno 1936

Handed over to son Matthias (born 1901). Matthias married Barbara (née Winter) in 1936. With the takeover, the ¼ share in the agricultural community Vordergnadenalpe and the ⅙ share in the agricultural community Hundsfeldalpe in the cadastral municipality Untertauern fell to the Schobergut. The shares of the alpine pastures were also divided when the Kasparbauerngut and Schobergut were divided. The Kasparbauer previously owned ½ of the Vordergnadenalpe and ⅓ of the Hundsfeldalpe.

Extension of the farm

Anno 1968

Large parts of the dictation property were bought in addition.

Hofchronik - Schobergut
Kaspardoerfl Anno Ca 1968

Caspian village 1968

Handover to the son Matthias Mayrhofer

Anno 1971

Matthias and Christine Mayrhofer (née Schneider) took over the farm this year. Their three children Matthias (1969), Herbert (1971) and Christiane (1975) were born of this marriage.

Handover to Herbert and Martha

Anno 2009

Herbert and Martha (née Hofer) took over the farm. Xaver (2010), Helene (2012) and Anna (2015) were born of this marriage.

The Mayrhofer farming family has lived through five hundred years of Salzburg's princely history, and the great world events have also thrown their last ebbing waves into the Taurach valley. Many thousands of hikers have passed the farms on the Tauern Road, looked up at them and gone on their way again. Times have changed and people have changed. But the old spirit has remained on the Mayr farms.

Hofchronik - Schobergut
Chronik Huehner

Farm holidays 1970

Hofchronik - Schobergut
Chronik Kaspardoerfl 2

Schobergut 1975

Hofchronik - Schobergut
Familie Mayrhofer 1

Mayrhofer family 2018